Certified Public Technology Leadership Program

The CGCIO program is preparing for its 12th year!

The Certified Government Chief Information Officer program (CGCIO) is designed to strengthen the leadership capacities of technology professionals who serve in or are actively seeking an executive leadership role. This program runs 12 months (240 hours). The first part of the program is dedicated to in-class and online course work. This program will have a total of four in-person, one- to two-day work sessions held in conjunction with the FLGISA winter and annual (summer) conferences. A Capstone Project must be completed and presented prior to graduation. 

The CPTM Program is for those who are in or working toward a supervisory position. The program is six months in duration (100 hours) and entails two in-person sessions, monthly online discussions and individual assignments, and a final project.
Please contact Dena Hurst at 850.321.8309 or dhurst@iog.fsu.edu, or Debby Kent 850.487.1870 or dsmallwood@iog.fsu.edu for more information for visit cgcioflorida.com